Sunday, 14 March 2021

Narayanpura an interior village in Vrindavana, Uttar Pradesh comprises of mixed community and varied cultures. The majority of their livelihood comes from agricultural practices. The village faces water scarcity due to the unavailability of drinking water sources. Ground water is the most commonly used water source that has 2200 TDS. (Source: Baseline Report)

Baseline study done by the Impact Assessment team of Sarvajal highlighted all the surveyed households of Narayanpura were highly dissatisfied with the quality of drinking water, 58% of the surveyed households spend 40 – 60 minutes for collecting drinking water. Water borne diseases such as Diarrhoea, teeth discoloration and pain in joints are prevalent here.  

Standard Chartered Bank under its CSR initiative, WASHe project, adopted this village with Piramal Sarvajal (a social enterprise working towards safe, accessible and affordable drinking water by leveraging technology) as an implementing partner.

A 1000lph water purification unit was installed at the centre of the village. As the demand increased the village later on converted into a Hub and Spoke model that is; Naryanpura village is now providing water to 4 nearby villages (Gonda Atas, Devi Atas, Ramtal and Sumera Nagla) through installed Water ATMs(spokes) in all above villages.

Enable health Society, (Piramal Sarvajal’s partner NGO) works to educate the community and spread awareness on water and health linkages by engaging with the community every month. They conduct different activities at schools and in the village to influence behaviour change towards adopt healthier practises.

Consumers appreciate the price at which safe water is made available to everyone and have experienced relief in many ways. They are at ease with the intervention and most of them said,“Sarvajal water is affordable and easily accessible gives us the leverage to take water anytime.saves time and money with good health.” 

Consumer Brij Lal ji is happy with the services of water and says “Phele ghuntno mai dard hota tha peechle 4 mahine se paani le rahe hai aur swasthya mai bhi kaafi sudhaar dikh raha hai”

Consumer Mridula Ji takes 10 litres of water daily  for her family and says “I can’t compromise with my Daughter’s health and I have seen improvement in everyone’s health in my family so I collect water daily without fail. I thank Standard Chartered Bank for such valuable service”