Friday, 27 March 2020

As we see, there seems a coordinated and committed effort being put in at all levels to fight COVID-19.

In such a situation, Piramal Sarvajal’s team prepared IEC (Information Education and Communication) material to share safe and preventive measures explaining and sensitizing our frontline team members on maintaining hygiene at the ground level and amongst the communities. In our constant efforts to ensure safe practices are followed across, we would like to share how one of our operator Surendra Kadiwal from Sarmaliya, Rajasthan has been serving the community selflessly. Under Hinduja Foundation’s Jal Jeevan project, IndusInd Bank has adopted a village, Sarmaliya for providing safe drinking water; the project is being implemented by Piramal Sarvajal.

Surendra understands how people perceive the prevailing scenario and spoke about the seriousness of the situation to the villagers.

Along with being an operator, Surendra is also a youth president at “Navyuk Mandal” which is a team of four. Very enthusiastically, he says, “With Panchayat’s support, for 4 consecutive days, we were sanitizing the entire village including houses and shops. Now, we are supporting our neighbouring village Sargaon with similar activities”. He has pasted more than 50 copies of COVID awareness posters across the village as he finds them very helpful in educating the community.

On checking community member’s behaviours, he shared, that “we are consciously monitoring the behaviour of the community, and insist whosoever is coming to fetch water must wear a mask or cover their face with a cloth and stand one-meter away while waiting in the queue. We also ensure the water filling utensil is washed properly else do not allow them to fetch water from the water ATM.”

There seem to a marked difference in the consumers’ behaviours as now everyone cleans their utensils before coming to the ATM to fetch water. He also appreciated the efforts of government health workers, Anganwadis who distributed gloves and mask to all women in the village.

The community is very hopeful and emotionally taking care of each other by taking continuous safety and hygienic measures collectively in the village. In the end, Surendra shared that “Since there is going to be complete lockdown in the village, so only two members have specifically been allotted to make sure uninterrupted services of safe drinking water for the community.”

Kuddos to Surendra and his team for being a true inspiration to all of us.