Thursday, 5 May 2022

M K Mujmer (62) immediately left on receiving a repair call saying, ”you can wait but villagers should not wait for water. Handpump is the only source of water for them so ill repair and come back”. 

He single-handedly repairs handpumps of 54 villages in Khandwa. In Spite of that, he ensures all the handpumps are regularly maintained and are in working condition.

Be it scorching sun, wet pouring days to chilling winters, nothing could stop him. 

Kudos to such heroes who place seva before themselves.  

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

 Mrs.Puttamma lived with her daughter’s family as she has no one to take care of her. They used to get drinking water from the public tap with TDS* as high as 800 ppm. Due to the poor quality of water, she would experience continuous pains in her legs and back. Her doctor suggested drinking filtered water. Since it was priced at Rs 35/20 litres, she could not afford it. So tap water which was a little far of, was her only source of water and Puttamma would often feel helpless, as she would depend on others to get water from the tap. 

S Puttamma,Consumer, Andevanapalli ,Tamil Nadu

Then she came to know about Jal Jeevan Kendra. It was like a turning point in her life as she simply could not believe the price at which she was getting filtered water which was supposed to be the panacea for her illness. Surprised that she could take any denomination of water and pay only for that, added to her pleasure. Puttamma’s happiness knew no bounds as she felt God has answered her prayers and felt blessed. As soon as she started taking water from Jal Jeevan Kendra, within weeks she could feel the difference in her pain. She could herself go and get water so felt confident too. She says, ”I had given up hope on recovering from joint pains and thought soon I will be bedridden but drinking water from Jal Jeevan Kendra has changed my life completely. I do not feel the pains anymore! Sometimes it is hard for me to believe I had such severe pains. Water is available at any time and at a price, I can afford. I have not visited the doctor for last 6 months now”.  

*TDS-Total Dissolved salts- Permissible limit is upto 500ppm

Walking over 2kms to get drinking water was very difficult as she had painful legs. She would usually compromise with whatever water she got on days when her pain was immense. Ever since Jal Jeevan Kendra has come to her village, her life has changed.

MrsChellamal, Consumer, Marurpatti, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu “Now I get safe water at any time and also do not have to walk long distances. I am glad I don't have to adjust to the quality of water I drink. I am so thankful that my leg pains have considerably improved ever since I am drinking safe water from Jal Jeevan Kendra”.

Monday, 7 March 2022

Ashwini Vatte ,(28) Barul in Osmanabad district, Maharashtra is very passionate about being more than a housewife. She is an active member of the Self Help Group in her village and serves as a Deputy Secretary of the group.

Standard Chartered Bank blessed her village with a Sarvajal Kendra for investing in the well-being of the community by providing easy access to safe water.

She was nominated as Operator of the plant through a unanimous decision of the water committee since she was managing the SHG very well.  

After being trained on machine operations, Ashwini felt very confident to handle the plant operations.

She says, “I fill up the tank early each morning as people (consumers) start coming as soon as the sun is up. My husband and mother-in-law are very supportive and encourage me to work at the water plant, be part of meetings and engage with other people in the community.

This project came at a time when the villagers were buying bottled water for Rs 20 per litre. This is a good and inclusive scheme even for poor people as good quality water is available only at Rs 6 per 20 litres.

“I feel happy about my job and strive to add more consumers for the maximum benefit of the village! Convincing my village people about safe drinking water and its role in preventing waterborne diseases, fills me with a sense of purpose as I am able to influence them and motivate them to adopt healthy habits”.

Ashwini carries herself with pride in many other roles on daily basis, she is a caring housewife, runs a Kirana shop,a tailor, and community influencer!

Monday, 14 February 2022

Praveen enjoyed his work, was very satisfied and hopeful of his contribution to the community. Carrying the same motivation to the ground, he would urge people to adopt safe drinking water and it was very gratifying to see how this health habit changed their lives. In his profile, he could get first-hand experience of challenges the rural India faces so was overwhelmed for being able to make a difference in their lives.

Praveen - A teacher who has been a student for life. He aspired to pursue teaching as a profession in life so I could add value to the lives of young minds! Though he could not become a school teacher, he is thankful to Sarvajal as he could still become part of the development journey of different communities by motivating them for healthy life! 

Praveen Singh, Scoping Coordinator

“Team Sarvajal is amazing as each one encourages one another at every step. Working with such team becomes fun filled and cherishing beautiful moments. These 10 years were full of learning experiences and my knowledge is enriched today.” Maine sirf paiso ke liye kaam nahi kiya. Sarvajal ka dusra naam hai Manavta. Iska ehsaas mujhe mehsoos hota raha hai.Hard work and dedication ko bahut importance deta hu mein aur uska parinaam bhi dekha hai maine yahan”.  Sarvajal has impacted many lives positively and fortunately I am one of those”.

Before disconnecting the call, he said, "Thank you for taking me back to memory lane”.

Friday, 11 February 2022

 M.Jagadeesu (35) works as an operator at Jal Jeevan Kendra at S.Pudhupalayam,Tamil Nadu. He lives with his wife and 2 kids. His world turned upside down on meeting with an accident about 4 years back as he lost his leg. 

Life seemed tough, as he was unable to work normally. He lost all hope and wondered what was in store for him. He had to take a lot of medicines and undergo treatment to lead a normal life. Every time he started working, he could not continue because of his physical condition. M. Jagadeesu now feels this job opportunity walked him out of darkness, instilled confidence in him, and improved his socio-economic status.



He was trying for jobs when he got selected as an operator for the plant. He was skeptical after seeing the Jal Jeevan purification plant, wondering if he would be able to operate it. But he soon realized machine operations are simplified at the user level, he could efficiently and very smoothly operate the machine to serve safe drinking water to his community. 

He says, ”People of my village are happy with the services and encourage me by coming to take water from the ATM. I feel highly motivated to ensure they get safe water on time and always. This feeling is very fulfilling and I am happy about it”.

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

 Sabana works as an operator in the Jal Jeevan Kendra of Gowndarpalayam, Tamil Nadu. She is a single parent of a 5 years old child and stays with her mother. Even though she is differently-abled, she completed her Master's in Business Administration. Survival was a struggle ever since her husband left. She wanted to take up a job to become financially independent to support her child. 

Her happiness knew no bounds as she got through for an operator’s job for the purification unit. This job gave her the courage to shoulder her responsibility confidently. Sabana feels dignified for the respect she gets from her community for serving safe water to them. 

Sabana(26),Operator,Gowndarpalayam,Tamil Nadu

She excitedly speaks, “I am learning new things, feel part of the larger group and most importantly I regained my confidence ”. Drawing her strength from her child, she is full of hope and wants to set an example for other women in her village. At the end of the day, being paid for acquiring skills and contributing to a noble cause makes her contended and motivates her to urge her community members to adopt safer habits and stay healthy. 

Monday, 7 February 2022

 Rajni Devi, 34, is a woman of strong grit. Her husband is a cancer survivor and runs a small kirana shop for their survival. While she thanked God for her husband’s speedy recovery, she would often wonder how she could contribute to running the household expenses.  Huge medical bills on treatment burnt a big hole in their pocket and so they struggled to make both ends meet. 

When Jal Jeevan Kendra came, the Sarpanch recalled her contribution in promoting govt schemes in the village. He quickly approached the family to let Rajni take up this role. She said,” I was elated on getting the job; as it was a wish come true for the additional income that helped us with better choices in life”. Her husband Mohanlal said,” This job filled her with hope and she is full of life now. Our kids are happiest to see our circumstances change for good”. 

Rajni devi relates how she felt disheartened and panicked on seeing the huge purification plant. However, the machine operations are simplified with the application of technology and one can easily be trained. Within a few days of training by our Junior Field Engineer, she gained confidence and courage to work independently. Now Jal Jeevan Kendra has become a part of her family. Her life changed from a dependent to a contributor in the family. She feels extremely satisfied and takes pride in serving her community.

Monday, 24 January 2022

 Kiran Devi, a 12th pass mother of a 5 year old is an empowered young woman today. When her husband expired her world collapsed. She was treated as a burden on the family and send back to her mother’s place.

Kiran Devi, Operator, Semra Urj Jhungwa, UP, IndusInd Bank

She is grateful to the Sarpanch (who recommended her as an operator for the Purification plant), her supportive fellow villagers, and Sarvajal team for giving her an opportunity to embrace life once again. “I had never thought I could earn a living for us, did not have the confidence and courage for it.  In her words,” Hum bahut khush hai ki hame ye naukri mili, isse hum apne ghar chalate hai”. (I am very happy that I happened to get this job now I can run my family with earning from here).  “My in-laws are aged and are dependent on me; I can take care of them too.  This job has transformed my role in their eyes, I am considered their son now and it is my responsibility to fill in the vacuum created by my husband.”

Serving safe drinking water is a seva for the community, and by serving Safe drinking water I have found my self-worth and am self-reliant. 


Thursday, 8 July 2021

 Adopt a Village by HDFC Bank` Kheda, MP

Kheda is a Village in Badnawar Tehsil in Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh State, India. The local language of Kheda is Hindi. The total population of the village is 3006 and number of houses are 618. (Data source- NRDWP)


Piramal Sarvajal is a mission-driven social enterprise which is committed to leveraging technology to bring community-level safe, affordable, accessible drinking water and currently serving the population- 7,25,000+ to the underserved with more than 1700 touchpoints.
Under its Health and sustainability pillar, HDFC life adopted a village named Kheda with Sarvajal to provide safe drinking water. 

Source- Baseline report

During the survey of Baseline it was also found that 50% of the population is dissatisfied from the drinking water quality. They judge the purity on the basis of taste. 53% of the sample households felt that their drinking water is contaminated. All these 53% households perceived minerals/salt as the water impurity.
The survey highlighted that the community lacks awareness on preventive measures for water borne diseases. Thusly, to provide solutions for Safe drinking water, the purification plant was launched on 20 February 2019 and till now HDFC Life has adopted 12 locations in partnership with Piramal Sarvajal. 

Apart from the installation of the machine, Piramal Sarvajal’s team engages with the community every month to encourage them to adopt better health solutions. Also spreading awareness about health and water linkages along with different types of contamination that affect health.  Out of 618, 151 households are consistently having safe drinking water practices in a year because of overall improvement in health and quality of life. Water is precious and people of this village are sensitive to it.

Operator Vishal Patidaar is optimistic and happy to serve for the benefit of the community.  He likes to engage with the community and educates them with the importance of drinking water. He shared that initially he was encouraged by his friends and family to become the Operator of the plant. 

Soak Pit to store Reject water from the Purification Unit

The new product development team of Sarvajal has taken an initiative named Multi Aquafier Recharge System (MARS), to ensure source sustainability along with safe disposal of reject water of RO plants. 1.67 lakh litres of water injected into the source/aquifer against an expectation of 1.08 lakh litres. Substantial reduction in TDS of water from source and a complete re-use of reject water.

Raw water source and Hand pump facility in the village

Gulaab ji, Wife of Ashok Patidaar 
“We take 15 litres of water from Sarvajal plant. My son brings water or otherwise our helper gets the water. My husband is an Advocate and insisted we take only Sarvajal water”

Krishna Paatidar
“We have a tractor showroom at four different places in Madhya Pradesh. We take 30-40 litres per day for our nearby showroom and for home as well. We are total 9 members in the family. Earlier we used to drink water from our domestic purifier. After the installation of Sarvajal machine we stopped using domestic RO as it is expensive to maintain.”

Deepak Patidaar 
“My 13 years old son usually get Sarvajal water. He takes two can of 5 litres as it is easy for us to carry. I have relief in joint pain and indigestion”


Wife of Abhay Singh Tomar
Earlier we used  untreated water because of which my kids faced a lot health issues and as suggested by the doctor, we switched to Sarvajal water. It’s been more than 3 months that we are using it for drinking and cook food. We are satisfied with the price and it being available anytime”.

Mukesh Paatidar
“My family has been drinking Sarvajal water right from its launch day.  We did have a Domestic purifier at home but it is highly expensive requiring regular maintenance and consuming electricity. The best part about Sarvajal is that we don’t have to pay on a monthly basis, it deducts the amount according to the litre dispense. Jitna use karoge utna hi paisa katega”

Sachiv, Omprakash Patidaaar shared “I am happy with the services provided by Sarvajal. They have taken an initiative for Jan kalyaan. Even the  team has taken an initiative on Water Conservation. They created a soak pit to store reject and rain water near the Purification Unit.

SEMS data showing a monthly pattern between 200-300 litre dispensed on a daily basis