Sunday, 12 April 2020

We may have heard many moral stories where a hero cannot be defeated come what may. It becomes delightful when we see them in real life.

Now when everyone is supposed to be at home to be safe, there are many of us at the frontline ensuring people in their houses are safe. It is because they are dutiful and understand the impact of the service that we are safe with all that we need.

Dhirubhai, our operator of Safe drinking water facility at Navi Mandardi, Gujarat powered by APM Terminals is a true warrior.

While he would sanitize the machine and ensure the safety of the users, he has gone beyond the call of the duty.  The submersible pump (which provides raw water to machine) got damaged because it burnt. As a protocol, our maintenance team and the Gram Panchayat were informed, as it would affect services to the community at this crucial hour. 



Given the circumstances, it would take at least 2-3 days before the machine is restored. However, Dhirubhai did not let the services be hampered. He requested two of his fellow villagers to help him manually fill 2000L water tank of the machine for it to be filtered for the users. The three of them fill water with the help of buckets and manually refill the machine – a continuous 4 hours job (twice a day) for its operation to be smooth ensuring machine operations does not affect the consumers.

Sarpanch of the village was also happy to see such dedication and assured of repairing the submersible pump at the earliest. He also supported with people from the village to help in refilling if required.

The efforts bear fruits of happiness when the remote monitoring device tracks the daily dispense of the location to see it outperforms the previous days.

Salute to such selfless heroes for walking that extra mile.