Thursday, 8 July 2021

 Adopt a Village by HDFC Bank` Kheda, MP

Kheda is a Village in Badnawar Tehsil in Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh State, India. The local language of Kheda is Hindi. The total population of the village is 3006 and number of houses are 618. (Data source- NRDWP)


Piramal Sarvajal is a mission-driven social enterprise which is committed to leveraging technology to bring community-level safe, affordable, accessible drinking water and currently serving the population- 7,25,000+ to the underserved with more than 1700 touchpoints.
Under its Health and sustainability pillar, HDFC life adopted a village named Kheda with Sarvajal to provide safe drinking water. 

Source- Baseline report

During the survey of Baseline it was also found that 50% of the population is dissatisfied from the drinking water quality. They judge the purity on the basis of taste. 53% of the sample households felt that their drinking water is contaminated. All these 53% households perceived minerals/salt as the water impurity.
The survey highlighted that the community lacks awareness on preventive measures for water borne diseases. Thusly, to provide solutions for Safe drinking water, the purification plant was launched on 20 February 2019 and till now HDFC Life has adopted 12 locations in partnership with Piramal Sarvajal. 

Apart from the installation of the machine, Piramal Sarvajal’s team engages with the community every month to encourage them to adopt better health solutions. Also spreading awareness about health and water linkages along with different types of contamination that affect health.  Out of 618, 151 households are consistently having safe drinking water practices in a year because of overall improvement in health and quality of life. Water is precious and people of this village are sensitive to it.

Operator Vishal Patidaar is optimistic and happy to serve for the benefit of the community.  He likes to engage with the community and educates them with the importance of drinking water. He shared that initially he was encouraged by his friends and family to become the Operator of the plant. 

Soak Pit to store Reject water from the Purification Unit

The new product development team of Sarvajal has taken an initiative named Multi Aquafier Recharge System (MARS), to ensure source sustainability along with safe disposal of reject water of RO plants. 1.67 lakh litres of water injected into the source/aquifer against an expectation of 1.08 lakh litres. Substantial reduction in TDS of water from source and a complete re-use of reject water.

Raw water source and Hand pump facility in the village

Gulaab ji, Wife of Ashok Patidaar 
“We take 15 litres of water from Sarvajal plant. My son brings water or otherwise our helper gets the water. My husband is an Advocate and insisted we take only Sarvajal water”

Krishna Paatidar
“We have a tractor showroom at four different places in Madhya Pradesh. We take 30-40 litres per day for our nearby showroom and for home as well. We are total 9 members in the family. Earlier we used to drink water from our domestic purifier. After the installation of Sarvajal machine we stopped using domestic RO as it is expensive to maintain.”

Deepak Patidaar 
“My 13 years old son usually get Sarvajal water. He takes two can of 5 litres as it is easy for us to carry. I have relief in joint pain and indigestion”


Wife of Abhay Singh Tomar
Earlier we used  untreated water because of which my kids faced a lot health issues and as suggested by the doctor, we switched to Sarvajal water. It’s been more than 3 months that we are using it for drinking and cook food. We are satisfied with the price and it being available anytime”.

Mukesh Paatidar
“My family has been drinking Sarvajal water right from its launch day.  We did have a Domestic purifier at home but it is highly expensive requiring regular maintenance and consuming electricity. The best part about Sarvajal is that we don’t have to pay on a monthly basis, it deducts the amount according to the litre dispense. Jitna use karoge utna hi paisa katega”

Sachiv, Omprakash Patidaaar shared “I am happy with the services provided by Sarvajal. They have taken an initiative for Jan kalyaan. Even the  team has taken an initiative on Water Conservation. They created a soak pit to store reject and rain water near the Purification Unit.

SEMS data showing a monthly pattern between 200-300 litre dispensed on a daily basis