Thursday, 11 February 2021

 "Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort". On #nationalproductivityday with this quote of Paul.J.Meyer, we would like to share with you all an inspiring story of faith and #commitment shared by our young operator Guman Singh in his own words.

Sarvajal Kendra 

"My name is Guman (24) and live in a small village called Sangel in Haryana. 2 years back I met with an accident that left me with a broken knee. To recover, i was advised bed rest due to which I lost my job. It was almost a year that I was immobile which put all the burden on my elder brother(labourer) to earn a living for our family. There were also times when we had very less food at home for all of us. Even when they could only make ends meet; they ensured I was educated and this would hit me all the time. Though the physical pain was unbearable as an iron rod was placed that made me uncomfortable all the time, the fact that I was very dependent was depressing. 

My family stood by my side as my pillar of strength during these tough times so I knew darkness will not last long. After a year I could walk without support. It was then that I realized the importance of serving the needy. It was just then Sarvajal Kendra came to my life. Sarpanchji was kind to acknowledge my experience in working with machines so I was given the opportunity to run the machine that purified water and served safe drinking water to the villagers. 

PMF Advisor Sunil Jaglal (left), Operator Guman Singh (Middle) and Sarpanch Rajendra Singh (Right)

The water from the well would stain the utensils as TDS level of Sangel ranges between 800-1000ppm(500 is a permissible limit). I got to know that diseases like Jaundice, pain in joints, teeth discolouration are caused by unsafe water which is quite predominant in my village. #Water is a basic human need so for my village, Sarvajal Kendra is a blessing. 

Operator and Executives interacting with the consumers during the launch

It's been 3 months since I am operating the purification plant of Sangel Haryana. I am elated to share how my family and friends appreciate my work and acknowledge my efforts of serving our community with Jal Seva. I am beyond words to express that I earn a livelihood by doing such a noble cause day in and day out. 

Happy faces of consumers fetching water from the water ATM

For a few days, I faced some challenges in managing the plant but with the team’s support, I was able to learn and cope up. One of the issues my village faces low voltage electricity issue. The same was discussed with Sarvajal team who gauged the required voltage was available during early mornings. I decided to reach the plant early morning every day to fill the water tanks. Everyone should get water every time they come to Sarvajal Kendra. The smile on the face of my people gives me unmeasurable happiness and constantly keep me happy. I am utterly satisfied by serving #SAFEWATER to my village."