Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Women group collaborating efforts for the health of the community

'Kakkadasam village, Hosur - Tamilnadu' adopted by Ashok Leyland under JalJeevan initiative of Hinduja Foundation.

Village Water Committee is primarily formed by 8 women who are leaders of their Self Help Groups (SHGs) and they are associated with the Panchayat level federation of the SHGs, which is associated with 6 adjacent villages. The women canvas in these villages to bring more people to safe drinking water and join.

401 households have taken part via subscription to our services. These women are active and ensure that more and more households subscribe to safe drinking water and improve the health of the community while also ensuring the sustainability of the project, wherein these women can take the lead and run it.

These women have displayed a very collaborative approach in working together and enterprising in terms of taking more and more responsibilities like handling accounts, managing financials, keeping records of activities etc.

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