Thursday, 15 October 2020

Village Bhinay, Ajmer district in Rajasthan, recently had the inauguration of ‘Safe drinking water Unit’ - the Jal Jeevan project supported by the CSR from Indus Ind Bank and implemented by Piramal Sarvajal.  

Bhinay village is a great example of women leadership, especially in all the key position required for the rural development.  The Village  Pradhan is  Sushri( Ms) Anu Sharma, Smt .Uma Varma is the Sarpanch of the Village,  Smt. Gita Mali is the Deputy Sarpanch , Smt. Sanju Meena  is SDM of Bhinay , Smt. Sonu Gupta is Revenue Officer ,  Smt. Seema  Goud is the Village Development Officer and Smt. Tinu Jha is the School Principal of the Government School. While elected representative like Smt .Uma Varma, Sarpanch started out just to fulfill the aspiration of Subhash Varma her spouse, when she shouldered the responsibility alongside an active partner, she began to represent social issues that affect women and started taking the lead in influencing the community to support local causes.  Women leadership was not limited to the elected position; it was also heartening to see the key multiple positions required for decision making was also being headed by women.

In the inauguration women from Bhinay in positions such as SDM and Revenue Officer, used their public speaking skills to articulate their interest in the Safe drinking water project, their financial acumen to explain the sustainability of such community based solutions, their knowledge of budget to encourage people especially the women to look at the affordability of the solution. Smt. Sanju Meena SDM compared the price of Rs 20 a can to Rs.6 from Jal Jeevan and asked women to use the facility which is an asset to Bhinay. Women in power are also the women who care for their own family, when they tasted the water and had the first hand feeling of the quality of the water from the ATM; they were able to compare it with the water they consume at their own homes. They then advocated for the good quality of water to the people who have gathered for the launch and encouraged people to take water from the Unit. 

The entire panel of women leaders on the stage of the launch on November 23, 2019   is in a political space that was largely a bastion of men.  Sarvajal team was pleasantly surprised at the presence of women in decisive leadership position and acknowledges this as an enabling recipe for addressing women centric issues as crucial as safe drinking water.  Daulat Ram, our community awareness executive shared “we have been to many launches across the country in the last 6 years, but it is the first time that we have seen such large presence of women leaders in one village – and it is great for our cause”

Sarvajal salutes this era of leadership of women in this village and look forward to their support in  taking  forward Jal Jeevan  project and Sarvajal’s vision of  ‘Water for All at affordable price’!