Thursday, 9 July 2020

Hetimpur, Uttar Pradesh-

Adopt a Village by IndusInd bank UP

Story by: Vaishali Sharma
Picture courtesy: Vinod Ji (Operator)

After the health crisis hit the country leaving poor and less privileged groups most affected, Sarvajal Kendra stood a continuous stand on the ground with more than 1700+ touchpoints across India. It came out as a blessing for our beneficiaries and new cardholders as well. 

During the time of lockdown and even post, people faced safe drinking water challenges. Many private vendors stopped giving their services due to health uncertainties. At the beginning of the pandemic, people took the time to accept changes and adapt to the precautionary measures. Here the consumers of Hetimpur location shared their experiences of how they did the same. 

“Initially there were was less fear, villagers and I thought that it is not going to affect us as we haven’t travelled outside the village so had less belief in facts. But when the cases increased drastically facts over fear were the only acceptance that it can happen anytime and with anyone. Taking precautions is the only thing we all can collectively do.” 

"Shuruaat mai mere aur logo ke mann mai ye chal raha tha ki virus hume nahi lag sakta hai kyonki humne travel nahi kia hai gaon se bahar. Par jab cases ki ginti bhadti gai tab accept karne lage ki ab savdhaani sath milkar sabhi ko rakhni hogi." – Mr.Dinesh

He mentioned the efforts of Panchayat for providing ration and necessities during the lockdown. Also, Vinod Ji, our operator who consistently sanitises the ATM, educate customers to use masks, wash hands and utensils whenever they come to take water from the Kendra. 

He continued sharing, “Log apna vyavhaar badle jab aasaani se samajh aaya aur sabhi log karne lag gaye sath mai” "People changed their behaviour when they were able to understand easily and everyone did collectively." This statement came out strongly from the consumer which reflects the overall feel of the community in terms of how they adopted new things together. 

The operator Vinod Ji shared, in the last two months 35 new cardholders are enrolled for Sarvajal Services. 

Sarvajal Enterprise Management System showing the monthly pattern of daily dispense

The water off-take has shown improvement by 58%. (Comparison of march- 15843 litres from May- 24,894 litres of total production) People are satisfied with affordable services during this tough time. 

While asking about their free time with other consumers they shared that Digital Ludo is all time famous among all age groups in the location. 

Consumer, Kunj Bihari Gupta who is a lawyer by profession appreciated the dedication of our operator. He shared when he was not keeping well due to pain in the leg, the operator used to bring a clean water camper at my home. He used to sanitise the camper in front of me before keeping at the door of my house. His humble and kind nature has touched my emotions a lot.” 

This shows how the community turned adversity into acceptance of new things that can protect them from a deadly virus. We are all in the same boat, whether we are the receiver or giver, we all have to come together like them so that we can defeat this virus.