Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Delhi Jal Board - Holambikalan

Story by: Vaishali Sharma
Picture Credit: Rajinder Ji

As we face global pandemic, people are waking up for new dawn by consciously taking care of themselves and their family. Safety guidelines provided by the government have helped all the sectors to take precautionary measures together. To make this a priority, people are particular about their health and hygiene services.

Figure 1: Consumer Saurabh shares his ease of taking water anytime from Sarvajal Kendra and appreciates the cleanliness of the plant.

I happened to interact with our operator Mr. Rajinder Ji from Holambikalan location, where Delhi Jal Board collaborated with Piramal Sarvajal to provide safe, affordable, and accessible drinking water to the location. 

He shared “Quality and timely availability was highly appreciated by our consumers during the lockdown. When the competitors were not able to provide water with proper hygiene, people naturally turned towards our services and are now happy with the affordable price whereas the private water supply was expensive” There is a sound improvement in the water off-take by 60% (Comparison of March- 154343 litres and April- 245760 litres of total production)

Figure 2 & 3: Operator Rajinder Ji regularly sanitises the ATM and educates consumers to maintain social distancing.

The operators across all locations follow a safety guideline, sanitising the ATM all the time, reminding people to maintain social distancing and asking villagers to wash their hands and utensils. 

Meanwhile, he shares about how he overcomes the situation when suddenly the machine got stopped during the lockdown. Being an engineering background he managed to fix the issues with the help of our Territory Manager Ranjeet Ji’s instructions through video conferencing. He is thankful to him who provided immense support and motivation during this difficult period. 

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” — Hellen Keller

Virpal Ji, a consumer shares - "When everything was shut during the lockdown, Sarvajal Kendra was open and employees were throughout committed to their duties.”

Figure 4: Consumer- Virpal Ji 

The operator was indeed appreciating the consistency of other employees who were filling the Spoke daily. In the end, Rajinder Ji narrates, “Collective efforts helped us keep going yet for another day.”