Sunday, 26 July 2020

Delhi Jal Board – Narela Location

As the number of cases has risen in Delhi, many of the local people of Narela, Delhi have started adopting Sarvajal Solutions as shared by operator Ajay Ji. 

The location of Narela, Delhi comes under the Delhi Jal Board. In 2015, due to the prevailing situation of safe drinking water scarcity, they collaborated with Piramal Sarvajal as an implementing partner to provide safe, affordable, and accessible drinking water solutions. 

The location has a hub with 4 spokes to reach out to every area of the community. Currently, the hub has 3 wall mount structure and 1 ring structure machine to fetch water. Till date, 3863 cards have been made. 

 Regular sanitisation and social distancing at Narela 

Ajay ji mentioned, “during the lockdown, Sarvajal Kendra was open 24*7 at Narela, I and other employees were available throughout the day. For self-protection, I put up a rope near my desk to maintain social distancing. People are satisfied with the quality of water and regular services. 
We follow every health guideline to educate our consumers. I reinforce the measures by telling them many times to regularly wash hands and utensils, clean your surroundings and have clean water so that it gets ingrained in their behaviours and actions.”  

 The rope is a reminder for social distancing. 

Consumer Testimonial- Pawan Kumar, (5 members in the family)

During the lockdown when I saw the crowd at Sarvajal plant, I decided to take water from a private supplier. I switched 4 vendors but my family and I were not satisfied with the quality and hygiene. I ended up again taking water from Sarvajal. Ajay Ji suggested me to come early morning to fetch water. In these difficult times, the machine is working constantly and I really appreciate the hard work of the team who manages multiple tasks at the same time.

 Sarvajal Enterprise Management System showing the monthly pattern of daily dispense

The water off-take from March (179710 litres) to May (297714 litres) total production has shown improvement by 65% which shows how people have developed a sense of caring towards themselves and their family. After interacting with the consumers, the feeling of satisfaction and pride is indeed visible and they are happy with the services of Sarvajal.