Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Kakkadasam- Adopt a Village by Ashok Leyland

When the nation faces the challenge to overcome from the global pandemic it becomes natural to face uncertainties in life. However, people in the location of Kakkadasam village, Tamil Nadu have a moment of respite with Sarvajal services. During the lockdown, there was no electricity in an area for more than 2 days and even the panchayat was not able to fill the village water tank. 

As the problem evolves, Sarvajal healed the situations of the community. The 24*7 services slowly led the villagers to moved towards safe drinking water. 

The operator Pratap Ji shared that during the lockdown many people came back who were working outside the village thus the demand of water naturally increased. 

He follows a safety guideline, sanitising the ATM all the time, reminding people to maintain social distancing and asking villagers to wash their hands and utensils.

Figure 1 Social distancing circles created by the operator

The water off-take has shown improvement by 26%. (Comparison of march- 65309 litres and May- 82270 litres of total production) The average water dispense is 3500 litres/day, previously it was 2807 litres/day. The operator shares that from the month of March, 74 new cardholders enrolled for safe water services of Sarvajal. 

Figure 2 Consumer Testimonial                                                                                                                                       Consumer Pawenesh (left) and Siva Kumar (right) appreciate the water available throughout the day during the lockdown and are happy with the safe services of Sarvajal. “It is protecting us from getting ill.”

Safe water protects and save lives

The community regularly acknowledges the leadership of women in Village Water Committee. A unique feature of all locations of Ashok Leyland is the formation of Village Water Committee which is responsible for planning, implementation, operation, maintenance and management of the Project. 

Out of 11, 9 are the women members and are a part of Self Help Groups as well. The VWC has indeed strengthened the local community system, promoted greater community participation with monthly meetings without fail. 

Sarvajal Enterprise Management System shows the monthly pattern of daily water dispensed