Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Bhaur, Maharashtra  
Adopted a Village by SGS India Pvt Ltd

The current situation owing to coronavirus pandemic has made people wake up and realise who the real heroes are- the frontline workers who are continuously managing the crucial duty without any day-off. 

Today I am going to throw light upon one of the resilient frontliners, our operator Bhaushaheb Ji from Bhaur, Maharashtra who came forward and firmly stood for the overall health of the community. The location is adopted by SGS India Pvt Ltd under its CSR initiative with the implementing partner Piramal Sarvajal to provide safe, accessible, and affordable drinking water facility. 

At the beginning of the lockdown, his family was concerned and restricted him to go out. Bhausaheb Ji was resilient and wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in this difficult situation. He tried to make them understand about collective welfare of the community. .” He shared “Family ka kehna sahi tha lekin apne kaam se peeche nahi hat sakte hai, yahi sahi samay tha logo aur jaagruk karna ki saaf paani kitna zaroori hai” By looking at his grit, family told him to take precautions consciously and work outside.

Figure 1 Children come with their parents with all protection. They fetch water while maintaining social distancing and sanitising utensils regularly

He kept going “while understanding the importance of precautionary measures, around 30 consumers who were not regular are now moved towards our safe and affordable solution.”

Mr. Bhausaheb has not only created awareness in the community but has helped the panchayat in paying some amount for the sanitisation in their village. He fellows a safety guideline provided by the team of Sarvajal, sanitise the ATM all the time, remind people to maintain social distancing, and ask villagers to wash their hands and utensils. 

He shared “If people won’t get safe water then there are chances to fall ill quickly” Agar saaf paani nahi mila toh log aur jaldi bimaar bhi ho sakte hai.

“Making people aware was a tough challenge; the current TDS of Bhaur borewell is 2600 ppm which I announce daily so that it gets ingrained in the mind of our villagers. During these difficult moments, I should acknowledge Ganesh Ji and Dayanithi Ji who support me and always uplift my motivation.”

From his statements, it is visible that his efforts and unstoppable grit have shown a drastic jump in the water off-take by 119% (Comparing March- 35261 litres and May- 76205 litres total production) 

He has displayed dedication by keeping the health of the community over himself and his family. A true example of how someone understands the community’s need and encourages others to be in a path of righteous actions at the same time acknowledge people who support him in these difficult times. 

Bhaushaheb Ji’s grit kept him grounded during the days when he used to manage everything at one time. His willpower led him to fight the battle and it still continues.. 

Sarvajal Enterprise Management System shows the monthly pattern of daily dispense