Friday, 4 June 2021

Story by: Barnini Chatterjee (Volunteer) 
Location- Dwarka Sector-3 adopted by Delhi Jal Board

Providing safe, accessible and affordable water to the underserved communities has always been Piramal Sarvajal’s mission. With increasing cases of COVID-19 across the country, we have seen prolonged lockdown and disrupted services everywhere. There has been a constant fear about everything related to jobs and making basic needs meet especially for the community living in Dwarka Sector 3. 

Fortunately, Sarvajal has been able to continue to support the locals here by providing uninterrupted service even in these uncertain times. We caught up with 3 users while they were at the plant to get water, and they shared their experience with us. 

Consumer Md. Shakeel filling up a can to take back home

Md. Shakeel has been a user of Sarvajal for the past year and is quite satisfied with the service. A family of 4, currently living on rent in the area; strongly feel that because of using Sarvajal, there has been no major sickness or any water-borne diseases. The family consumes about 500-600 litres monthly, and feel it is highly affordable and safe.  Shakeel quotes ‘’yeh meetha paani, tanker jaisa nahin hai. COVID-19 ke dauran swacch paani milna mushkil nahin hua- Sarvajal se kabhi bhi koi bhi card se paani le saakte hai’’. He also adds that the community has largely benefitted since there are no long queues and everyone can get water as per their requirement.

Consumer Om Prakash sharing his experience while taking water
Another resident Om Prakash, who has been using Sarvajal for 2 years, echoes the same sentiment. The convenience of the recharge system makes it easy and hassle-free to get drinking water for his family. Consuming around 1000 litres, the 5 member family, are being extra cautious due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and are strictly following good hygiene practices. He added, ‘’Mohalle mein kisiko koi pareshaani nahin hai, kyounki hum sabko swach aur surakshit paani mil raha hai.’’

Vijay Kumar seen collecting water in empty cans

Vijay Kumar who lives with 6 of his family members in A Block shares “Hum pichle 3 saal se hi Sarvajal ka paani istemaal kar rahe hai. Paani ekdum filter RO jaisa hai, saaf aur meetha; koi ghar mein bimaar bhi nahin hota’’ Vijay and his family consume 900 litres monthly and are quite satisfied with the system of the water card where there is no specific time to collect the water.

Before Sarvajal, the community had no source of regular clean water and would end up spending 250 for 1000 litres, with the exception of few NGO’s and social workers’ occasional involvements and water supply. However, the residents of Dwarka Sec 3 have unanimously agreed that the quality and taste of Sarvajal has been by far the best.

Sarvajal ensures to continue connecting with more families and hear of positive stories from them; where the communities keep getting the benefits of access to safe drinking water in these unprecedented times.